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Electrical Upgrade Services

Typical electrical service to a modern house is a 200 amp, 220/240 volt, 40 circuit service. This electrical service is sufficient for the majority of household uses. However there are reasons to upgrade your electrical service:

  • Older houses can have lower rated electrical services (100 amp, 120 volt was common) and renovations or new electrical appliances may need increased distribution.
  • Existing service has come to the end of its service life. Electrical systems have a service life of between 30-40 years so if you house is older your service may need updating for safety reasons.

Commercial properties may start with the same level of electrical service as a house but electrical demands of equipment and machinery may require an upgrade. When commercial building go through a change of use the electrical demand may change significantly requiring a service upgrade. Services as high as 2000 amp are not uncommon.

Whether you have a residential electric service or commercial electric service that needs upgrading Terrace Electric will handle all the paperwork and interface with your power utility, township or municipality, inspector and other tradesmen to make sure you get the new electric service you need without the hassle of managing the project yourself.

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