Commercial & Residential Electrical Contractor


Terrace Electric is the only electrical contractor that you will find that supplies a 1-year warranty on materials and 10 years on labor* (* see below for limitations).  There are three reasons that I am 100% confident in providing such an unprecedented warranty.  

 * Limitations – 1) Fastidiousness that our team is looking at safety and accuracy, 2) being meticulous in our attention to detail, 3) and being methodical that we follow the code and its rules.  Furthermore, if I can’t build a system that I’m confident in, I need to find another line of work.

Warranty limitations

Terrace Electric shall be excused from delays caused by Force Majeure which shall include but not be limited to weather, material shortages or delays, labor-related issues, equipment malfunctions, or other acts or issues outside of the control of Terrace Electric LLC.  Lamps (light bulbs), non-normal use, abuse, alterations to our constructed system not performed by Terrace Electric LLC, non-supplied equipment (client supplied items) are not covered under Terrace Electric LLC’s 10-year labor warranty.